The goal of our breeding is to breed beautiful, harmonious, social and racial typical Ragdoll with a wonderful temperament. Our intention is to breed completely after the Ragdollclub and SRC's health programs.
We want to spread knowledge and share our experiences. But of course extend our knowledge every day. Delighting others with healthy, harmonious and devoted cats. An important role for us.
However, we do have certain requirements on those who buy a kitten from us. Read more about this on the kittens. Our cats live with us as the beloved family members, go freely throughout the house with access to cat garden.
Our Norwegian Forest cats can play freely in the forest.
Is there anything you are wondering about, you are of course welcome to contact us.

SE*Fujujung's uppfödning  är besiktad och godkänd 2013 av Djurskyddslagen
enligt § 16

I got my prefix at the 19 / 4-2012 . and means Little Mermaid . Sjöljungfrun on swedish
Why fujujung ?
Well, Little Mermaid Ariel was my daughter's big favorite as a kid . And like so much else it was  very difficult to say for her and it became Fujujung instead .
Our theme is name from the famous Disney characters and I feel that the little mermaid Ariel has much in common with the Ragdoll . The color blue. , Both of those deep blue eyes and the deep blue sea.