January 13, 2012 we brought home our first Ragdoll.
And not just one but two.
We bought them from a good friend of mine who has had Ragdoll for years.
S * Stuveryds Camelia & S * Marric `s Cedric af Ådalen.
With the promise to care for them and take care of them in all the best possible ways.
The cat has been an integral member of the family with us for many years.
When I was a little girl my family had an Angora cat "Missan." After she died, we were without a cat for a long time but she was replaced by a dog ​​"Luffsen". A Cocker Spaniel that we got to share the joy with for 12 years.
Not long after he was gone,  my heart fell for a little femail kitten. I took her home and named her to "Snofi-Lina". After a while she got two boys, one of them had to stay named "Hubbe". These two had a long and happy life together.
When I had moved out to an own apartment, I got a new little friend. Domestic houscat "Snuttan". The other two cats had to stay with my parents.
A few years after I met my husband, I gave him a Norwegian Forest Cat on his birthday "Frisco". Also called Fritte.
A cat's out of the ordinary. He was the most wonderful thing that we ever had met.
Fritte and Snuttan also got to live a wonderful life with us and our two daughters in our house with the forest as neighbor.
But who are we?
I Mia, my husband Dirk and our two daughter Jouline and Angelina. Today, 20 and. 15 year old. One of our interest is just cats.
We live in a house in a little town called Alingsås, about 4.5 mil from Gothenburg.
We have long dreamed of rearing cats, but not until Jouline started to talking about her dreams to by a tortoiseshell Norwegian Forest Cat, we began to plan.
We looked long and hard and  suddenly we found her at a girl in Gothenburg. She was already 10 months old but absolutely wonderful. No doubt about it. We met the owner and everything tuned perfectly. With us in the car home sat the most beautiful we ever seen and we were overjoyed.
But after about two months came the disappointment. Despite the serious breeder, pedigree and know. inspected, this was no "Olivia", I discovered something I did not want to discover. It was a male.
What a shock and disappointment, I can not describe it.
We had to castrate him and make "her" to "him" in the paper. His new name in the pedigree was "Oliver". Also called Wille. But no less loved for it.
As compensation, the breeder had left his sister Olympia, which somewhat later had to move in with us. A wonderful memory when the two met again. They recognized each other right away and started playing
Now we call them Chip and Dale, guess why. Thank you Monica for letting your baby move in with us.
Nowwe that all was fine and dandy.  We paired Olympia, but after a few weeks she had pyometra and got opereas.. The uterus was removed. What a shock. Then we put everything on hold.
But thanks Monica Grönroos from Zios for all the good advice and support. Also for all the support you can still set up with.
But after a while Jouline got new dreams, she wanted a Ragdoll.
The same procedure again but with a much happier ending.
At my good friend we found  two wonderful Ragdolls, a female and a male that we got to be happy owners to.
And soon got our Camelia & Cedric four wonderful boys.
Healthy and prosperous. Now we finally started. In addition, Camelia and Cedric's friends Libera keep up with home for a while and she became pregnant with 6 equally wonderful small kids. Four boys and two girls.
And for all this, I can only thank my good friend who helped us
 in to the Ragdoll world.
And thank all the other wonderful Ragdoll breeders who support us along the way.
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I got my name  19/4-12.
and I am also a diplomat breeders in SVERAK
Fujujung is a transformed name of the Little Mermaid.
Little mermaid Ariel was my daughter's big favorite as a child.
And like so much else, it was hard to say this, and instead  she called her Fujujung.
(in Swedish)
The choice of this  name was the similarity between Ariel's home, the deep blue sea and the deep blue color of  a Ragdolls  eyes.

G2 course has started and I look forward to  more knowledge about breeding.

S * Fujujungs breeding is inspected and approved in 2013 by the Animal Welfare Act
according to § 16.